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The Real 2020s

Posted on December 29, 2022 at 1:45 AM Comments comments ()

The Real 2020s

Wow! My Brothers and Sisters, what a kick-off or should I say “a kick in the pants” this decade hurled us. Nearly three years in, terrorizing and mutating virus storms prove this battle lingers on. That menace glares as one of many matters spewing out in the real 2020s, notably a decade of reckoning – in several arenas of life ! Allow me to name a few things, and by the grace of God we will tackle these imps in the name of Jesus. Church, let’s save our generation and generations to come. Young people are dying from one encounter with intake of illicit/street drugs trying to escape from or to. Young people dying from or being handicapped by cancers and conditions organic, imposed and exposed to from mankind’s ignorance as well as spiritual breaches in the hedge of protection. (This is more than this space can work out.) How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Church let’s get after it.

Believers, the 2020s need us, the righteousness of God through Jesus the Anointed One, to be bold as a lion. Rise up Church! Listen Beloved, God has not given us a spirit of fear – note fear comes, attaches as a spirit. That spirit derives from sin, sin introduced by none other than the devil, Satan. That devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Saints, Jesus gave us power over all the power of the enemy. We have the spirit of love, power and a sound mind. Claim, proclaim, declare it in Jesus name. That’s how we war. We see the power of the wicked one but we, Believers – with the Greater One on the inside, fired up in Jesus declare war on the works of devil – the gates of Hell shall not prevail. Let’s take back, reclaim… 2023 (fyi)– we got the mandate from our pastor for Trinity Missionary Baptist Church here in Hawaii to Reset, Reclaim and Rise. Wherever God has strategically planted you… you are equipped in the name of Jesus. Ask God in the words of Gloria Copeland,” God take my life and do something with it.” This Woman of God preached decades of messages telling you and me to be healed, it is God’s will for us to be healed. If you find your faith wavering, go on the world wide web and get that Word from Mrs. Copeland. Also, Pastor Bill Winston gives faith building Words according to the Bible. Okay, let me get off this soap box – and get to the thing I want to address.

Get ready, it’s time to level and confront somethings. No more paralytic Christians, each one of us can do something. Parents, join the school boards and the councils that are making decisions on the curricula taught to (y)our child(ren). Stop chasing money, God supplies all our need according to His riches in glory. Get in there, from kindergarten the powers that be are polluting the minds of our children. Born-again Believers, speak out, pray, write – email, text, blog, vlog and expose the works of the devil. Contact the producers, the TV networks – when I watch a police show, I look for the criminals to be apprehended – I do not look for sexual escapades and lust triangles. I do not want to the same-sex agendas to be pushed on me… I simply want a good plot and how the writers construct ways to solve the crime. Oh Lord, then the commercials… many can really get my blood boiling – mainly, the pharmaceutical ones. Listen, my heart hurts when that HIV commercial airs… and this imp wears the bullseye. The commercial promotes same-sex relations that continue, perpetuate ungodly behaviors, do not stop what you are doing, they provide medication to prevent the spread of HIV. Lies, lies and more lies. Come on people – wake up. Be healed, be delivered, be set free from the snares of the wicked one. God is love. He wants to make each of us in every way whole. Readers, I do not know about you, but I believe in miracles. God works miracles if you let Him. Not only, will God work a miracle in your life – He uses godly agents – angels and mankind. Guess what, miracles are for everybody, the just as well as the unjust. God loves all mankind. In Corinthians chapter 12, we are to desire the spiritual gifts. (If you want to know one or two, well…) Anyway, in the gifts of the spirit you will find the working of miracles. It’s a wonderful thing! Desire the spiritual gifts – let’s put the Real in the 2020s. The righteous are bold as a lion. Woot! Woot!


There is life and death even in the power of our tongues. Watch what we say, although I said, the commercials cause my heart to hurt, that wanes momentary and acts as a fan – for the fire of sweet Holy Spirit a flame and – I do something. I use the gifts of the spirit, faith and pray/speak in tongues. When needed, I speak and watch God perform miracles. Do not let that devil tear up your town with tornados, blizzards – etc. the devil might be the (at this time) the prince of the power of the air but, we have power over that mangled-minded devil. No more fear. Speak the Word in power and the anointing. The devil will not get away with his diabolical methods. Believers, prayer holds critically essential – ask God to “teach me how to pray.” And, pray. Pray anyway, do not wait until you get it all right, avail ourselves to prayer and Holy Spirit will provide the groanings that cannot be uttered. He helps us when we posture in prayer. Lord, have mercy – we got to pray right, but more than that – we got to pray! Oh, boy that’s another talk about… at another time.


The Real 2020s – Saints, no more being bamboozled by the foolishness of talking heads,

nor the wiles of the devil. No more fear… it’s time to make disciples of Jesus Christ, heal

the sick and raise the dead. Do not go along to get along. Preach, teach, and live out the

Truth by the power vested within you. You can speak Life, watch your words – change

your word – or zip your lips. Remember temperance, self-control produces one fruit of

the Spirit. We have what we say – we want to watch our Words. Let our Words be

seasoned with grace. The Real 2020s gives rise to the Real Christians. Woot! Woot!



Coincidence? I think not!

Posted on December 23, 2022 at 10:15 PM Comments comments ()

Coincidence? I think not!

Before getting into the crux of the matter – Let’s celebrate Jesus! Are you with me? Christmas is my favorite season of festivities. The message of Jesus coming to this earth in the form of a man – whooooaaaa – “Oh how He loves you and me!” Can you imagine, volunteering to leave the BEST place ever to come into an environment filled with… all kinds of smut and wickedness – to say the least? By the plan and grace of God – there is obvious beauty and wonder in this life, it’s a Wonderful Life, especially living in relationship and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. You and I are the ultimate Beauty – People – His crown jewel! Hallelujah! That’s why we want to Celebrate our God, coming in this world- placing His life in the hands of Mary (Miriam) and Joseph (Yosef). This jives so cool, a teenage Mom and a step-Dad! There is so much wisdom in this, but that will take a book to illuminate. Anyway, Jesus becoming vulnerable as the Lamb and sacrificing His life so, we can reunite with our Heavenly Father. Hallelujah! This is some super-duper trooper Good News!

Now, I can hear those thoughts and freedom of expressions, that do not want to hear this. Who wants to hear news that prick our hearts, thoughts and decisions? Well, I do not apologize for bringing the Truth in Power, by the grace of God. Looking at Santa, move the “n” to the end – and there plain as day, plain as the nose on our faces – we see the word Satan. Coincidence? I think not! This illustrates the strategic prowess of the devil. We gotta get a clue. Consider the popularity and power Santa has over our emotions and finances. Do the research to see the creation and transformation to the image of jolly old St. Nick, Santa Claus. Let me drop a few nuggets on you and we will call it a blog.

Oh, before the nuggets, let me share this with you. I believe it was after the last Christmas season, a Pastor was sharing with the congregation and on national television, how he had his daughter following Santa around the world – you know, on the world wide web. Now you might be saying “bah humbug,” listen…come close, you want to hear this – the devil is not playing with you. The devil wants to take your soul. And if he can get you locked in the feel-good zone, “if it feels good do it;” or, like many buy into the “it don’t take all that” belief – well, in the words of Andrew Wommack, “the devil will eat your lunch and pop the bag.”

Back to that Pastor following Santa. Now you know this shouts “Wrong” to the -enth degree. First of all, because Santa proves as fake news, messing with the minds of children for over centuries and we witness how lying rolls off our tongues and demonstrated through our many choices. Lying. Now, when we lie to our children and when they understand that they are being lied to – depending on their thinking brain, most of the time – they begin to put “trusting people” holding their foot on the brakes. This type of stuff flags their trust factor. For if you lie about Santa, parents what else have you been lying about? Then, you wonder what happened to that sweet child when s/he hits their teen years and/or goes into this world as a young adult. Parents, - do not lie to your children. I have children and want them to know the truth. From young I told them Santa is make believe, pretend, and used for fun – like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. That did not stop my children from enjoying Christmas and they like most of the songs, songs about Jesus and those about Santa Claus coming to town. Then, some of these Christmas songs are awful, the blue Christmas promoting sadness and depression. And, Christmas songs … “you can do the job when you’re in town” – that’s about some type of adulterous affair. Please folks… listen to the words, the lyrics – what messages are being communicated through moving, rhythmic tunes and catchy beats. Okay, I do not want to go off anymore with that - I digress. Parents, God will help you communicate correctly to your children, if you ask Him.

Case in point, in this morning’s news – did you hear about Jeremy? Featured on Tik Tok, a letter to Santa from Jeremy shows on the screen - written in 2017. Well, from the handwriting it looked like Jeremy was in either the second or third grade – and, he asked Santa for two gifts. After Christmas, Jeremy writes Santa again, disappointed that he received one of the two gifts, but he gave Santa a second chance, and noted it as a “mistake.” Then, Jeremy states that Santa has “a week to fix” the mistake. Now, the parent or guardian has to be intercepting the letters, for there was a response letter signed “Santa” telling Jeremy that the two gifts were expensive and telling him to be grateful – and if not, he goes on the naughty list. Jeremy sends the next letter, instead of addressing it to Santa, he calls him “Fatty” and Jeremy told pseudo Santa that nothing can be too expensive for him (Santa) because he has elf slaves and having slaves makes him (Santa) naughty. Now, where in “heav-earth” did Jeremy get these ideas from? Hmm, the lies. Fake Santa replies to Jeremy that his parents were contacted, and he will be punished. Jeremy replies to this pretending Santa, that he would “kill him” (Santa). You can see how Jeremy went from the sweet believing child to heaving terroristic threats - children do not play when it comes to their toys. Where does the fault lie? God forbid if Jeremy discovered he had been communicating with his parent(s)… and how would he respond? Would he put his parents on the choppin’ block?

Is the name Santa having one letter transposed giving us Satan coincidental? I think not! As a matter of fact, I believe it’s a brazen move by the devil. And, I pray these words stomp on his head (stomp your foot 2 times) and magnify the Lord Jesus (throw your hands in air - wave them because you care). Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Without Jesus the Christ, there is no Christmas. When considering this matter, I want to ensure we celebrate Jesus and magnify Him. “For our God is bigger, better, stronger, greater” – I love that song and my personal anthem rings in this chorus - “O come let us adore Him.” Amen. People stop with the lies, you will have greater relationships with your children, friends and family when Truth is King. Oh yeah, King Jesus, none stronger. People let us make sure Jesus receives the Lion share of our time and celebrations. Let’s continue to pray without ceasing. There has been so many bizarre happenings, down-right wickedness – and we can make a significant difference by simply telling the Truth!



God Is Not Totally In Control?

Posted on December 6, 2022 at 3:25 AM Comments comments ()

God Is Not Totally In Control?

Too many times from Brothers, Sisters, Teachers and Preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ we can hear, “God is in control.” This causes me some concern. Do not get me wrong – no doubt about it – God is Sovereign. And, our Sovereign Lord is – the Almighty, the True and Living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – and yes, Creator of all.

Yet, God is not totally in control. God is Sovereign. And in His Sovereignty, He delegated mankind to have dominion over the earth and over all the animals. God provided all things mankind needs to manage this world in the systems designed by His infinite wisdom. perpetual systems such as seed time and harvest and the wages of sin is death – which continue as this earth remains. I am trying not to go off on a rabbit trail - but, I want to remind us there will be a New Heaven, a New Earth and a New Jerusalem.

Okay, back to the now. To look around, after man received this wonderful world, we look around and say… what the heck happened?!! The answer we find in Genesis. When man - that is the male and female, disobeyed a directive by God. Then sin entered a perfect harmony of life. You can read the blog on sin.

Right now let’s look where many get this semi-warped belief - that God has it all in control.. Most Christians point to Job, for His story tells us that Satan went to God to get permission to rain down destruction on my man Job.. Listen, that was Job and I want to show that God does not give permission to every work of the devil. Job was a special case, Job was hedged by the protection of God. God trusted Job and as the devil sniffed around, he found a crack/breach in the hedge. [Note: there are spiritual laws that are consistently at work. And,mankind constantly violates laws of righteousness. I want to make this plain - God does not give permission for the rape, molestation, and abuse of children or any one else. God cannot do evil nor does He tempt mankind to do evil. God is good. God is love.] For these reasons and more, I reiterate adamantly God is not totally in control. This is by God's Sovereign design.

Let’s consider some obvious reasons as well as historical events (Job, reread it - the crack was fear that breached the hedge). And there are notable passages to highlight from and/or found in the Holy Bible to bring some clarification for this radical statement - God is not in control. God is not in control and this is - by His own choice. Jesus is Lord, and God is faithful to His Word.(So, nice let me say it twice.) God is faithful to His Word - the wages of sin is death. This might be more than I can explain in this blog - but, I will try to give some condensed examples.

Let’s go way back. In the phraseology of Andrew Wommack, when sin entered the world, “God’s act of love” removed Adam and Eve from the garden and the Word tells us why. Genesis chapter 3 verses 22 thru 24 makes it plain. For the good of mankind, God would not risk mankind partaking of – eating of the Tree of Life, at that time. Otherwise mankind would have been doomed, separated from God throughout eternity. To me, Andrew Wommack says it better and provides numerous scripture in his several teachings. I will mention this one: The True Nature of God – repeatedly Brother Andrew exclaims, “God has been misrepresented by His own people.” And, I am sure most of us can testify of that. There is no use of re-creating the wheel – check out AWMI website which has a library of Truth. AWMI presents the unadulterated Word of God.

Elder Wommack can walk you and me through the Bible – making it as plain as possible – he highlights things that are there which in our daily rush or human-mindedness - when we read God’s Word, too many times reading as a duty - we overlook a whole lot. We have not created time, relationship and space for God to reveal more. Then, in our purpose that we label “knowing the Word” - we practice to memorize the scripture and do not have understanding or we get- simply the aroma of the scripture without partaking, chewing,  digesting and manifesting God’s Word in our lives. We are to meditate on the scripture day and night, that would produce a wonderful experience with God. With all our getting let us get understanding.

As a new Christian I had a radical zeal for the Lord, and I was consistently in the Word and in communion with our Father in Jesus name. Early the Lord revealed to me that every Word He speaks has a reason and purpose. And, I wanted to know His every Word. I wanted to know Him. And, time and time again in the church or by religious leaders – I heard, “God is in control,” and that nothing happens to you or me unless “God allows it.” And, that causes us - mere men and even those baptized in the Holy Spirit - to have the audacity to blame God, be mad at God and accuse Him for our every mishap and misstep. Some even curse God for the events of destruction or despair. ,Even when we know the choices and actions we made/make - might have, and possibly in nine-point-nine out of ten times, made us a target for the works of the devil–for we were totally out of God’s will or there was an opening we knowingly or unknowingly caused. . Okay, before I go there – I will stop soon because this piece is becoming longer than I wanted it to be.

When the Bible says the Word is so simple a fool could not error. Well, the teachings I and most Christians were, and are hearing, is downright wrong. To put it graciously, it “misrepresents God.” Now, I realize we have an adversary. For that cause I fault or blame none but the devil - for that devil has been working his lies and trickery for thousands of years and most have fallen for, or follow the pullings of the flesh. God understands this and is gracious in mercy.

When we approach the Word and our every day life from the greatest Truth: God is love; God is good; God is our Father; and, God does not lie - how can we say God allows all the messiness. We are responsible, the Church, God's people and all made in His image and likeness. Remember the devil influences wickedness. The devil is the father of lies… and, like Eve, we have been lied to and beguiled. We , God's children, really want to live with, live for and do the will of God. There are many examples I can mention which might be overwhelming. Again, Andrew Wommack has developed an extensive library with practically every statement he makes backed up by the Holy Bible and he gives free access to this revelatory information.

Please Church we want to stop this - and, I know it will take time, for it has been hard wired in our minds. We can start by changing our Words. Agree with God, when it says God is love, God is good. God is truly good. Lord have mercy – we sang God is in control, we preach(ed) God is in control – we shout(ed) God is in control. Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, it is time for us to walk in the power and authority given to us by the Lord Jesus.. The resurrection power of the Holy Ghost is within us. We have the greater One on the inside. The Lord wants us to possess the land, for His glory.

Let me give you another scripture reference proving God had given dominion of the earth to mankind. Genesis 1:27, 5:1 Mankind was made in the image and likeness of God. And dominion and care of this earth was put in the hands of mankind - Genesis. I digress.

When I received Jesus Christ, I was totally into the Word of God, prayer, praise, studying and learning of the things of God. However, what the Lord revealed to me did not jive with the majority of the God-fearing Saints, I was around. Then, I began to teach and preach according to the religious beliefs that I heard even though there was a form of godliness and the power of God was beginning to wane or might I say not manifested as the years went on. I remember, we had no one sick – then, we started allowing the flu and other ailments to creep in. We did not cast out demonic spirits as the Word instructed us to as we done before. The ways of the world were coming in to the church and sin was not being addressed. And, Lord have mercy – we sang God is in control, we preached God is in control – we shouted God is in control. And we take no responsibility for the ails all around us. No wonder we lose so many and the Holy Spirit and God wants to orchestrate by His Word from our lips, from our heart and mind.

relies on our prayers, invitation, rescue calls and such the like. God had given dominion of this earth to mankind. Genesis 1:27, 5:1 Mankind was made in the image and likeness of God. And dominion and care of this earth was put in the hands of mankind.